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Table 3 Logistic regression predicting the likelihood of symptoms of perinatal anxiety among women in selected health centres and the affiliated district hospital in Rwanda

From: A cross-sectional study of the prevalence and factors associated with symptoms of perinatal depression and anxiety in Rwanda

Independent variablesBWalddfpOdds Ratio95% C.I.% Screen High on SAS
Relationship with husband
 Poor (r)    1.00  54.9
Planned pregnancy
 Planned (r)    1.00  49.3
Number of Children 6.0040.20    
No Child−1.203.3510.070.300.081.0917.2
Four or more    1.00  52.9
Stressful life events*
 At least one (r)    1.00  52.1
  1. *: Predictors with a p < .05, “r”: Reference category, df degree of freedom, p p-value, B regression coefficient