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Table 5 Unadjusted relative risk, standardised incidence rate, and standardised relative ratio for non-EIBF and non-EBF according to mode of delivery

From: Relationship between caesarean section and breastfeeding: evidence from the 2013 Turkey demographic and health survey

Breastfeeding practicesUnadjusted incidence rate (%)Unadjusted RR for C/Ss
95% CId
SIRa (%)
95% CI
95% CI
Non-EIBFe36.11148.4411.341 (1.132–1.589)35.343 (30.307–0.379)50.485 (45.659–5.310)1.428 (1.212–1.683)
Non-EBFf32.31248.4411.499 (1.253–1.794)33.405 (28.332–8.478)49.044 (44.082–54.007)1.468 (1.233–1.748)
  1. aStandardised rates and ratios were calculated by controlling for residential region and educational level. The entire sample (n = 777 for non-EIBF and n = 776 for non-EBF) was used as the reference population for standardisation
  2. bConfidence interval
  3. cVaginal delivery
  4. dCaesarean section
  5. eNon-EIBF: Initiation of breastfeeding ≥ 1 h following birth or no breastfeeding
  6. fNon-EBF: Any nutrition other than breast milk during the first three days following birth or no breastfeeding