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Table 1 Delivery and breastfeeding characteristics of primiparae

From: Relationship between caesarean section and breastfeeding: evidence from the 2013 Turkey demographic and health survey

Delivery-related characteristics
Place of delivery
 Public hospital45858.9
 Private hospital31941.1
Mode of delivery  
Sex of newborn
Breastfeeding practices
Within one hour after delivery
In the first three days after delivery (N = 776)
  1. aVaginal delivery
  2. bCaesarean section
  3. cEarly initiation of breastfeeding
  4. dNon-EIBF: Initiation of breastfeeding ≥ 1 h after delivery or no breastfeeding
  5. eExclusive breastfeeding in the first three days following birth
  6. fNon-EBF: Any nutrition other than breast milk in the first three days following birth or no breastfeeding