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Table 1 Codes and themes from the content analysis of the perceptions and experiences of postnatal-mothers and nurse-midwives

From: Why do women assume a supine position when giving birth? The perceptions and experiences of postnatal mothers and nurse-midwives in Tanzania

Postnatal Mothers- I assume the position instructed by the midwife
- I was asked to lay on my back
- Other positions were not seen well by midwives
Women adopted the supine position as instructed by the midwives
 - I usually see women lie on their backs
 - I have never used them
 - Never taught about birthing positions
Women experience of using alternative birthing positions
Nurse-Midwives- The midwife is the one who knows/chooses the best position
- No choice of birthing position for the birthing woman
- Midwives decide for the woman which birthing position to use
- The midwife needs to educate the mother on the best position
- Mothers are not allowed to choose the birthing position they want
Midwives commonly decide birthing position for labouring women
 - Known birth position
 - Commonly used supine position
 - Helpful to the woman and the baby
 - Aids proper observation and delivery
 - Facilitate quick decision
 - The woman lay on her back flex legs
 - Only birthing position taught in schools
 - The supine position is best as it gives midwife freedom when assisting the woman
Supine is the best-known birthing position