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Table 2 Coverage of respectful maternity care during childbirth, EN-BIRTH study (n = 4296)

From: Respectful maternal and newborn care: measurement in one EN-BIRTH study hospital in Nepal

Disrespect and abuse typology Respectful Maternal and Newborn Care Coverage (95% CI)
No abuse 1 to 3 Woman or baby not abused (physically, verbally or sexually) during labour or childbirth or after birth (n=4296) 100.0%
No stigma and discrimination 4.1 Woman and baby treated with respect and dignity (n=4296) 100.0%
4.2 Health service met religious and cultural birthing practice needs (n=3252) 87.0% (85.9–88.0)
4.3 Mother was satisfied with the privacy during her stay at the hospital (n=3622) 84.3% (81.9–86.7)
Met standards 5.1 Baby kept in skin-to-skin contact with mother immediately after birth (n=803) 18.7% (17.6–19.9)
5.3 Medical doctor examined the baby in presence of the mother (n=4292) 99.9%
Rapport between women and providers – effective communication 6.1 Woman was satisfied with the health education and information received from health care providers (n=4296) 100.0%
6.5 Woman were given the opportunity to discuss any concerns and preferences (n=4296) 100.0%
6.7 Woman received written or verbal information and counselling on exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months before discharge (n=4296) 100.0%
6.8 Woman received written or verbal information and counselling on nutrition and how to eat healthily (n=13) 0.3% (0.2–0.6)
Health system condition and constraints 7.1 Woman not refused care due to inability to pay (n=0) 0%