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Table 1 Data collector recruitment and training, EN-BIRTH study

From: Electronic data collection for multi-country, hospital-based, clinical observation of maternal and newborn care: EN-BIRTH study experiences

  Bangladesh Nepal Tanzania
Who were the trainers? EN-BIRTH research team: 7
Trainers from local hospital: 0
Other: 0
EN-BIRTH research team: 8
Trainers from local hospital: 3
Other: Head of department and hospital director were present during orientation.
EN-BIRTH research team: 14
Trainers from local hospital: 9
Other: 5 [administrators]
Number of training participants Managers: 0
Supervisors: 4
Data collectors: 51
Total: 55
Managers: 4
Supervisors: 4
Data collectors: 27
Total: 31
Managers: 9
Supervisors: 12
Data collectors: 71
Total: 92
Number of days for training Total: 11 days
Theoretical: 7 days
Hands-on: 4 days
Total: 2 weeks
Theoretical: 7 days
Hands-on: 7 days
Total: 2 weeks
Theoretical: 7 days
Hands-on: 7 days
Pre-training test scores % Range: 25–85
Average: 60
Range: 16–87
Average: 52
Range: 15–82
Average: 45
Post-training test scores % Range: 65–100
Average: 86
Range: 20–100
Average: 60
Range: 15–100
Average: 57
Number who failed post-training tests 2 Failed
Extra training given and both eventually passed
4 Failed additional training was provided re-test was done and all were passed 14 Failed and did not proceed.
Some observers were reallocated as trackers
Additional training provision 1 round, in 2 batches.
Daily supervision and on the job training provided.
Daily supervision and on the job training provided. On the job training where required.
This was through monitoring and supportive supervision