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Fig. 6

From: Immediate newborn care and breastfeeding: EN-BIRTH multi-country validation study

Fig. 6

Kaplan-Meier plots of timing for immediate newborn care practices, EN-BIRTH study. a. Breastfeeding initiation (All: 16,511, Vaginal births: 11,564, Caesarean births: 4944). b. Initiation of drying (All; 18,585, Vaginal births: 12,774, Caesarean births: 5808). c. Skin-to-Skin initiation (All: 17218, Vaginal births:12,199, Caesarean births: 5016). d. Cord-clamping (All: 18,586, Vaginal births: 12,775, Caesarean births: 5808).

Bangladesh (BD); Nepal (NP); Tanzania (TZ).

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