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Table 6 The obstetric outcomes in nulliparous women with diagnosed myoma(s) or a history of myomectomy (Dataset 2)

From: Nationwide population-based cohort study of adverse obstetric outcomes in pregnancies with myoma or following myomectomy: retrospective cohort study

Obstetric outcomes Odds ratio (95% confidence interval)
Unadjusted Adjusted b
Preterm birth
Group Aa 1 1
Group Ba 1.649(1.520–1.788) 1.510(1.390–1.639)
Group Ca 2.145(1.876–2.452) 1.874(1.636–2.145)
Group A 1 1
Group B 1.512(1.412–1.620) 1.377(1.285–1.476)
Group C 1.883(1.678–2.114) 1.631(1.451–1.833)
Group A 1 1
Group B 1.030(0.937–1.132) 1.021(0.928–1.123)
Group C 0.676(0.546–0.838) 0.667(0.538–0.827)
  1. aGroup A, Women who had never been diagnosed with myoma; Group B, Women who had diagnosed myoma(s) but no history of myomectomy; Group C, %) women who had a history of myomectomy
  2. LBW Low birth weight, LGA Large for gestational age