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Table 3 The relationships between the rate of NA and that of neonatal asphyxia, EP, ODV, PPH in vaginal delivery women

From: The effect of initiating neuraxial analgesia service on the rate of cesarean delivery in Hubei, China: a 16-month retrospective study

   Rate of neonatal asphyxia (95%CI) Rate of EP (95%CI) Rate of ODV (95%CI) Rate of PPH (95%CI)
Rate of NA r −0.369 (−0.670 to 0.000) −0.017 (−0.483 to 0.391) 0.195 (−0.239 to 0.570) −0.147 (−0.783 to 0.445)
  p 0.159   0.951   0.470   0.587  
  1. NA Neuraxial labor analgesia, EP Episiotomy, ODV Operation vaginal delivery (including forceps, vacuum and breech extraction), PPH Postpartum hemorrhage
  2. The Pearson correlation was used