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Table 6 Fully adjusted associations for PTB, by severity, and early term birth based on immigrant status, N = 8609

From: Preterm birth and nativity among Black women with gestational diabetes in California, 2013–2017: a population-based retrospective cohort study

  Early preterm Late preterm Early term
aOR (95% CI)a aOR (95% CI)b aOR (95% CI)c
Nativity 0.56 (0.38, 0.82) 0.57 (0.45, 0.73) 0.67 (0.58, 0.77)
  1. aIncluded in the final model: maternal age < 24, preeclampsia, smoking, obesity, prior preterm birth, interaction of preeclampsia*smoking, interaction of smoking*obesity
  2. bIncluded in the final model: education < 12 years, preeclampsia, prior preterm birth, smoking, obesity, smoking*obesity
  3. cIncluded in the final model: preeclampsia, obesity, prior preterm birth