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Table 1 Self-report questionnaires

From: The study protocol: Neuroendocrinology and (epi-) genetics of female reproductive transition phase mood disorder - an observational, longitudinal study from pregnancy to postpartum

Construct Assessment instrument Authors Items
Postpartum Depression Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) Cox, J. L., Holden, J. M., & Sagovsky, R., 1987 10
Prenatal stress Prenatal Distress Questionnaire (PDQ) Yali & Lobel, 1999; Pluess et al., 2010 12
Premenstrual syndrome German Version PMS-Questionnaire Ditzen et al., 2011 30
Reproductive aging Menopause Rating Scale (MRS II) Hauser, Schneider, Rosemeier & Potthoff, 1999 11
Anxiety State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Short Version (STAI-SKD) Englert, Bertrams & Dickhäuser, 2011 5
Stress, Sleep Visual analog scales (VAS) Klinkenberg et al., 2009 5
Anxiety State-Trait Anxiety (STAI-X) Laux, Glanzmann, Schaffner & Speilberger 20
Neuroticism NEO Big Five Short Version Körner et al., 2008 6
Childhood Traumatic Experiences German Version Childhood Trauma Screener (CTS) Grabe et al., 2012 5
Life events German Version Life Experience Survey (LES) Sarason et al., 1978; Pluess et al., 2010 55
Self-esteem Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale (SES) Collani & Herzberg 10
Daily hassles ZIPS Subscale (Daily Uplifts) Bratsikas, Mohiyeddini, Viecelli & Ehlert, submitted 10
Maternal-fetal attachment Maternal fetal attachment scale (MAFS) Cranley, 1981; Sjörgen et al., 2004 17
Relationship quality Couples Satisfaction Index Funk & Rogge, 2007 4
Social support Berlin Social Support Scales (BSSS) Schulz & Schwarzer, 2000 17
Traumatic experiences Lifetime German Version Trauma History Questionnaire Green, 1996; Maercker & Bromberger, 2005 24
Birth Anxiety Birth Anxiety Scale (GAS) Short Version Lukesch, 1983 25
Perfectionism Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (MPS) Altstötter, Gleich & Bergemann, 2006 35
Impact of Events Impact of Event Scale (IES) Horowitz Stadlmayr, Cignacco, Surbek, Büchi 15
Mother-baby interaction The mother and baby interaction scale Hovik et al., 2013 9
Chronic stress Trier Inventory for Chronic Stress, Short Version (TICS-K) Schulz, Scholz & Becker, 2004 39
Emotions towards motherhood LIWC2015_Language Manual Pennebaker et al., 2015 1
Maternal-fetal Attachment Pictorial Representation of Attachment (PRAM) Van Bakel et al., 2013 3
Emotional support Maternal adjustment five months after birth Lemola et al., 2007 7