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Table 6 The correlation coefficient for maternal mortality ratios and caesarean section rates among Ethiopian regions, 2015

From: Association between maternal mortality and caesarean section in Ethiopia: a national cross-sectional study

MMRs in Ethiopian regions CS rates in Ethiopian regions  
AA Afar Amhara BG DD Gambella Harari Oromia SNNP Somali Tigray Total
AA -0.25            
Afar   -0.43           
Amhara    0.43 *          
BG     0.93         
DD      0.11        
Gambella       - a       
Harari        0.19      
Oromia         -0.08     
SNNP          0.17    
Somali           -0.03   
Tigray            0.47 *  
Total             -0.03
  1. The correlation coefficient for MMRs and CS rates for each region were worked out by using the magnitude of both parameters of the regions. Overall correlation coefficient was calculated using the magnitude of the national MMR and CS rate and the numbers represent Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r)
  2. AA Addis Ababa, BG Benishangil Gumuz, DD Dire Dawa, SNNP Southern Nations, Nationalities and People, MMR Maternal Mortality Ratio, CS Caesarean Section
  3. * Pearson’s correlation coefficient p < 0.01
  4. a Observations are insufficient to generate correlation coefficient