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Table 1 Attributes and Levels

From: Eliciting women’s preference for prenatal testing in China: a discrete choice experiment

Attributes Levels of attributes (regression coding)
Test procedure L1 Invasive: requires collecting samples from amniotic fluid or placenta.
L2 Non-invasive: only requires a sample of mother’s blood.
Time to wait for results L1 1 week
L2 2 weeks
L3 3 weeks
Detection rate L1 94%
L2 96%
L3 98%
L4 100%
Miscarriage L1 3%
L2 4%
L3 5%
Test cost L1 RMB$0
L2 RMB$2000
L3 RMB$4000
L4 RMB$6000
L5 RMB$8000