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Table 3 Results from weighted logistic regression after matching: effects of prenatal electronic cigarette use on adverse outcomes compared to different reference groups

From: Electronic cigarettes may not be a “safer alternative” of conventional cigarettes during pregnancy: evidence from the nationally representative PRAMS data

Reference group SGA LBW Preterm birth
OR 95% CI OR 95% CI OR 95% CI
Complete abstainers 1.76 1.04–2.96* 1.53 1.06–2.22* 1.86 1.11–3.12*
CC smokers 0.67 0.30–1.47 0.71 0.37–1.37 1.06 0.46–2.48
  1. *: p<0.05
  2. OR Weighted, adjusted odds ratio, CI Confidence interval, CC Conventional cigarette, SGA Small-for-gestational-age, LBW Low birthweight
  3. Note: Statistics represent the Odds Ratio (95% Confidence Interval (CI)). EC users were exact-matched to the respective reference group based on the maternal race, age, educational attainment, family income, prenatal care adequacy, and conventional cigarette smoking status of the first and second trimester.