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Table 1 Participant demographics

From: Men, trans/masculine, and non-binary people’s experiences of pregnancy loss: an international qualitative study

Pseudonym Region Gender Sexuality Partner Gestational age at which pregnancy loss occurred Number of live births
Trent Australia Non-binary No response Single 3 weeks 1
Rich Australia Male Bisexual/queer Cisgender woman 7 weeks 1
Fred Australia Trans man Pansexual or bisexual Cisgender man 8 weeks 2
Charlie EU Fluid / masculine leaning Human-sexual Transgender man 23 weeks 3
Lewis EU Transmasculine Pansexual (preference for men) Transgender man 23 weeks 1
Moddy EU Agender / non-binary/non-gendered Asexual/queer Casual partners 14 weeks and 8 weeks 4
Noam EU Trans man Bisexual/pansexual Cisgender man 13 weeks 2
Will EU Non-binary / trans man Bisexual Cisgender woman 7 weeks and 5 weeks 1
Dan EU Trans man Gay Transgender man 16 weeks Pregnant at time of interview
Cole US Male Gay Cisgender man 6 weeks 3
Luke US Trans male Gay ex: cisgender man 10 weeks (3 additional earlier miscarriages) 2
Pete US Trans guy/F-to-M Queer Cisgender man 6 weeks and 5 weeks 2
Dee US Trans/ gender non-binary Queer None 8 weeks and 12 weeks 1
Gage US Trans man/transmasculine Queer Cisgender woman 8 weeks and 8 weeks 1
Benjamin EU Male/trans male   Cisgender woman 6 weeks Pregnant at time of interview, has since given birth
Markus EU Man Fluid / Pansexual / Bisexual Cisgender man 3 weeks Pregnant at time of interview, has since given birth