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Table 4 Attitude, and perception towards the tobacco use of the participants (n = 466)

From: Association of smoking behavior among Chinese expectant fathers and smoking abstinence after their partner becomes pregnant: a cross-sectional study

  n (%) 95% CI a
 Smoking should be prohibited whenever pregnant women and newborns are at home 310(66.5) 62.2 to 70.8%
 I should quit smoking for the health of my baby 439(94.2) 92.1 to 96.3%
 Smoking can negatively affect my health 423(90.8) 88.2 to 93.4%
 SHS can negatively affect the health of pregnant 374(80.3) 76.7 to 83.9%
 SHS can negatively affect the health of fetus and newborns 330(70.8) 66.7 to 74.9%
  1. a The 95% confidence interval for the percentage