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Table 2 The smoking profiles of the participants (n = 466)

From: Association of smoking behavior among Chinese expectant fathers and smoking abstinence after their partner becomes pregnant: a cross-sectional study

  n (%)
Before partner got pregnant
 Years of regular smoking, mean (SD) 14.2(6.7)
 Daily cigarette consumption, mean (SD) 6.4(6.0)
Quit attempt
 Yes 251(53.9)
 No 215(46.1)
Smoke outside the home only
 Yes 157(33.7)
 No 309(66.3)
After partner got pregnant
 Smoking Status
  Quitter 143(30.7)
  Smoker 323(69.3)
Quitted but relapsed* 171(52.9)
No attempt to quit* 152(47.1)
Daily cigarette consumption, mean (SD)* 6.6(9.3)
The use of other tobacco products 12(3.7)
Reduce cigarette consumption by at least 50%*
 Yes 119(36.8)
 No 204(63.2)
Heaviness level of Nicotine Dependence scored by FTND*
 Low dependence (0–3) 179(55.4)
 Moderate dependence (4, 5) 94(29.1)
 High dependence (6–10) 50(15.5)
Readiness to quit within 30 days*
 Yes 105(32.5)
 No 218(67.5)
Smoking self-efficacy scored by SEQ-12 (12–60), mean (SD) 38.7(10.4)
  1. Data are n (%) and mean (SD) unless stated otherwise. FTND Fagerström Test of Nicotine Dependence, SEQ-12 Smoking Self-efficacy Questionnaire
  2. *Calculation based on participants who were smoker after their partners got pregnant