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Table 3 Themes and Sub-themes Identified in the Interviews

From: Professional support during the postpartum period: primiparous mothers’ views on professional services and their expectations, and barriers to utilizing professional help

Themes and sub-themes
 1. Dissatisfaction with current professional services for postpartum mothers
Being disappointed with current hospital maternal and child health care services.
Distrusting services provided by community health centres, private institutes and commercial online platforms.
 2. Likelihood of health care professional help- seeking behaviour
Preferring to not seek help from health care professionals as their first choice.
Hesitating to express their inner discourse to health care professionals.
Following confinement requirement and family burden prevents mothers from seeking professional help.
 3. Highlighting demands for new health care services
Experiencing urgent needs for new baby-care-related health care services.
Determining the importance of mothers’ needs.