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Table 1 The comparison of questions in PreMaPEQ and our questionnaire for power calculation

From: Satisfaction in parturients receiving epidural analgesia after prenatal shared decision-making intervention: a prospective, before-and-after cohort study

Question The mean value of PreMaPEQ version The standard deviation value of PreMaPEQ version Number of Questionnaires required to have power greater than 0.8 The power of the presenting research data (100 questionnaires)
PreMaPEQ version: Did you receive sufficient information about options for pain relief during the birth? 3.5 1.2 48 > 0.999
PreMaPEQ version: Did you receive information about who had the main responsibility for you? 3.6 1.3 85 0.857
  1. For power evaluation, the representative questions in our study were compared with the similar ones in the already valid Pregnancy and Maternity Care Patients’ Experiences Questionnaire (PreMaPEQ) [4]