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Table 1 Patient timeline of Rajarata Pregnancy Cohort

From: The Rajarata Pregnancy Cohort (RaPCo): study protocol

 EnrolmentAllocationPost allocation
Time point-t1 6–8 wt0 12wt1 25-28wt2 32-36wt3 Deliveryt4 Postpartumt5 One yearClose-out
Eligibility Screenx       
Informed consentx       
Recruitment x      
Socio-demographic information, gender-based violence, personality x      
Past obstetric history
Past Medical history
Obstetric details of current pregnancy, Medical complications of present pregnancy, Mental Health, Income and expenditure xxx    
Social capital xx     
Food security   x    
Maternal height, waist to hip ratio x      
Maternal weight, general examination, cardio vascular variables xxx    
Liver function tests, Serum cholesterol, urine full report, blood picture, High performance liquid chromatography, serum ferritin x      
Blood glucose (OGTT) xx     
Hemoglobin, red cell indices xx     
Serum Cortisol  x     
Mode of delivery, birth weight, maternal complications, neonatal complications    x   
Details of breastfeeding    xx  
Postpartum depression, loneliness, neonatal details     x  
Growth and development indicators      x 
Close out       x