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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate analyses conducted to test the association between presence of anterior open bite and breastfeeding duration, considering the use of a pacifier at any time

From: Influence of pacifier use on the association between duration of breastfeeding and anterior open bite in primary dentition

Variables Crude PR (95%CI) Adjusted PR (95%CI) p-value
Breastfeeding duration (months) 0.96 (0.95–0.98) 0.98 (0.96–0.99) 0.007
Pacifier use 7.41 (2.47–22.2) 8.18 (2.05–32.7) 0.003
Child age (months) 0.98 (0.95–1) 0.98 (0.96–1) 0.047
  1. 95%CI 95% confidence interval, PR prevalence ratio