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Table 2 Description of birth characteristics in the VeCaS cohort compared to national cohort (2015)

From: Detailed registration of care in midwifery practices in the Netherlands: an opportunity for research within a healthy pregnant population

 VeCaS cohortNational cohort 
N = 4640100%N = 127,818100%
Gestational age in weeks
  < 37 weeks1964.2%51214.1%
 370–416 weeks440394.9%119,42994.5%
  ≥ 42 weeks410.9%18361.5%
Start of labour
 Elective caesarean section2715.9%74165.8%
Mode of birth
 Spontaneaous vaginal350677.4%98,84677.6%
 Instrumental vaginal3908.6%10,5048.2%
 Caesarean section63414.0%18,00014.1%
Place and level of care at birth
 Home (midwife, primary care)77616.9%21,63216.9%
 Birth centre (midwife, primary care)1012.2%39433.1%
 Hospital (midwife, primary care)74816.2%20,52816.2%
 Hospital (obstetric team, secondary care)297764.7%81,67463.9%
 missings38 41 
 Mean3465SD (522)3469SD (513)
Birthweight categories
  < 2500 g1543.3%42673.3%
 2500–4500 g436894.9%120,84494.7%
  > 4500 g821.8%24591.9%
 missings36 248