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Table 3 Participant’s response to fixed-choice questions about THP sessions

From: Making therapies culturally relevant: translation, cultural adaptation and field-testing of the Thinking Healthy Programme for perinatal depression in China

ThemesMothers (n = 15)Family members (n = 5)THP Facilitator Nurses (n = 5)
Perceived helpfulness of THP content
 Very helpful1043
 Somewhat helpful1
 Not helpful
Perceived Comprehensibility of THP content
 Easy to understand1134
 Somewhat understandable21
 Difficult to understand
View about THP illustrations
 Helpful in understanding concepts1233
 Needs improvement322
 Not conveying anything
Impact of THP homework activities
 Extremely useful943
 A little useful2
 Not useful at all
Cultural relevance of THP content
 Suitable in Chinese culture1445
 Needs improvement11
 Not suitable at all
Suitable delivery agent for the programme
 Specialized Psychiatrists321