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Table 4 Comparison between postpartum depression group and non-depression group

From: The risk of eating disorder relapse during pregnancy and after delivery and postpartum depression among women recovered from eating disorders

 Depression group (n = 12)Non-depression group (n = 12)Level of significance
Age at onset of diagnosis (years)15.8 (SD 0.8)17.4 (SD 4.5)NS
Disease duration (years)10.4 (SD 3.3)8.6 (SD 7.6)NS
Age at remission (years)26.3 (SD 3.4)26.0 (SD 6.9)NS
Age at pregnancy (years)28.3 (SD 3.4)27.9 (SD 6.8)NS
Gestational age at delivery (week)38.4 (SD 1.3)38.8 (SD0.9)NS
Temporary ED relapse during pregnancy (%)10 (83.3%)6 (50%)NS
Maternal complications (%)7 (58.3%)9 (75%)NS
Problems in the infant (%)2 (16.7%)1 (8.3%)NS
Vaginal delivery (%)11 (91.7%)8 (66.7%)NS
Infant weight (g)2669 (SD 406)3188 (SD 544)P < 0.1
ED relapse after delivery (%)6 (50%)6 (50%)NS