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Table 3 Contents of maternal PNC provided by HEWs in rural Tigray, Northern Ethiopia, 2018

From: Postnatal home visits by health extension workers in rural areas of Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study design

Postnatal contentsFrequency (N/%)
The proportion of mothers:
 Underwent body examination37 (21.8%)
 Checked heavy bleeding67 (39.4%)
 Measured their body Temperature19 (11.2%)
 Measured their Blood pressure11 (6.5%)
 Counseled about personal hygiene48 (28.2%)
 Counseled about family planning34 (20%)
 Checked about TT immunization6 (3.5%)
 Counseled about breastfeeding54 (31.8%)
 Counseled about own feeding57 (33.5%)
 Checked for Iron intake4 (2.4%)