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Table 3 Antenatal testing data fields in medical facility records in Puskesmas Ciranjang and Cianjur district reports

From: Antenatal testing for anaemia, HIV and syphilis in Indonesia – a health systems analysis of low coverage

Record Data fields relevant to antenatal testing
Patient Haemoglobin (Hb) HIV Syphilis
Posyandu register Individual identifiers None None None
Midwife-held logbook of pregnant women Individual identifiers Tick if Hb < 8 g/dL
Column manually added for Hb value (g/dL) in one village in 2016
None None
Puskesmas integrated ANC report No individual identifiers
Individuals separated and grouped by village
Copied from midwife records
Tick if Hb < 10 g/dL
None None
Puskesmas laboratory Full Blood Count record Gender, age, geographical origin Hb value (g/dL) None None
Puskesmas laboratory HIV and syphilis record Patient code, no other identifiers None Positive/negative Positive/negative
DHO MCH report No individual identifiers
Aggregated data: ANC attendance by sub-district; testing data by district
Number pregnant women tested
Number with anaemia (8-11 g/dL) and (< 8 g/dL)
Number offered test and number tested
Number positive and number treated
Number checked for STI*
Number with STI and number treated
  1. *STI data not broken down by type