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Table 2 Participant characteristics, data mode, location and level

From: Antenatal testing for anaemia, HIV and syphilis in Indonesia – a health systems analysis of low coverage

Job area Data mode Participants Years of participant experience in role (mean) Location Level
Kader FGD 8 15.4 Karangwangi Village
FGD 8 Ciranjang Village
Midwife FGD 3 8.1 Puskesmas Ciranjang Sub-district
FGD 6 Mekargalih, Ciranjang, Sindangsari and Karangwangi Village
Total FGD (4) 25    
Laboratory testing and counselling SSI (3) 3 10.4 Puskesmas Ciranjang Sub-district
SSI 1 Cianjur District Health Office District
SSI 1 Ministry of Health National
Public sector MCH & HIV management SSI (2) 2 8.0 Puskesmas Ciranjang Sub-district
SSI (2) 2 Cianjur District Health Office District
SSI 3 Ministry of Health National
NGOs SSI (3) 3 5.3 NGO National Offices National
Total SSI (13) 15