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Table 4 Multivariable logistic regression model of association between Chamas participation and facility delivery adjusted for sociodemographic and reproductive health covariates (n = 307)a

From: Promoting positive maternal, newborn, and child health behaviors through a group-based health education and microfinance program: a prospective matched cohort study in western Kenya

VariableFacility delivery with skilled birth attendant
OR(95% CI)p-value
 Did not participate in Chamas
 Participated (unadjusted)5.49(3.12, 9.64)< 0.001
 Participated (adjusted)5.07(2.74, 9.36)< 0.001
Age (years)1.00(0.93, 1.08)0.92
Education level
 None-some primary
 Completed primary1.22(0.56, 2.66)0.63
 Some-completed secondary3.24(0.74, 14.17)0.12
 Housewife (unemployed)
 Self-employed/Agricultural Worker/Other1.38(0.74, 2.55)0.31
Marital Status
 Married1.56(0.52, 4.63)0.43
 Multiparous1.10(0.18, 6.89)0.92
Prior facility delivery
 Yes4.31(2.25, 8.25)< 0.001
  1. aComplete cases only; n = 19 participants missing data on primary outcome or covariate