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Table 1 Health and Social Topics for Chamas for Change First-Year Curriculuma

From: Promoting positive maternal, newborn, and child health behaviors through a group-based health education and microfinance program: a prospective matched cohort study in western Kenya

LessonHealth TopicSocial Topic
1Importance of antenatal and postnatal careGoals of the Chamas for Change program
2Physical exercise during pregnancyTable banking (Saving and Loans)
3Anemia during pregnancyNational Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)
4Danger signs during pregnancy and after deliveryNutrition during pregnancy
5Importance of facility deliveryInvolving male partners during pregnancy and while raising children
6Preventing maternal-child transmission of infectionsSupporting the birth of a child in your Chama
7Negative pregnancy outcomes (losing an infant)Post-delivery welfare (up to 12 months of age)
8Complications during pregnancy and delivery (i.e. obstructed labor)Creating a budget
9Postpartum depressionSetting routines for the infant: sleeping and eating
10Newborn danger signs (4 h to 2 weeks)Promoting a good relationship with your Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law
11Exclusively breastfeeding for 6 monthsHome hygiene
12Infant growth monitoring and under-5 immunizationsDisclosing HIV status to your family
13Kangaroo CareReducing stigma towards members in the community with HIV
14Back to sleep/co-sleepingCooking in clean air
15Family Planning: Coil/Uterine Copper DeviceFarming and rearing livestock
16Family Planning: Jadelle, Implanon, NexplanonClean water
17Family Planning: Male and Female CondomsIntimate Partner Violence (IPV)
18Infant growth and developmentAdolescent pregnancies
19Complementary feeding for infantsImportance of female education
20Basic first aid: choking and burnsPromoting a good relationship with your husband in the home
21Pediatric diseases under surveillance: Measles, Polio, Pneumonia, and ScabiesMutual sexual satisfaction between a man and a woman
22Diarrheal DiseasesPreparing to take your child to school (preparing for pre-school)
23Cervical Cancer Screening: Overcoming fears and misconceptionsGroup conflict resolution
24MalariaChildren with developmental delays
  1. aThe Year 1 Chamas curriculum is comprised of 24 lessons (one health and one social topic) delivered over the span of 12 months. Lessons are facilitated by community health volunteers in a group-based setting using illustrated flip-charts and discussion guides