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Table 3 Strategies to address barriers to institutional delivery

From: Health management committee strengthening and community mobilisation through women’s groups to improve trained health worker attendance at birth in rural Nepal: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Strategy to address barriersNo. groups that suggested this strategyNo. groups that implemented this strategyNo. of groups that evaluated this strategy
First action-learning cyclea
 Awareness programme71172172
 Counselling of pregnant women & family143123123
 Mutual fund93163163
 Information about AMA programme & danger signs756060
 Stretcher scheme73113113
 Interaction with traditional healers701919
 Advocacy at the local health institution91010
Second cyclea
 Referral card167167n/ab
 Invitation card to pregnant women & household head159159n/ab
 Mobile meeting9595n/ab
  1. arefers to the participatory action-learning cycles that women’s groups engage in
  2. bwere not completed within the timeframe of the trial