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Table 1 Distribution of participants

From: Persistent barriers to the use of maternal, newborn and child health services in Garissa sub-county, Kenya: a qualitative study

Data collection typeParticipantsSitesNo. of interviews
Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)Married women (15–29 & 30+ years)Township, Madina, Iftin6
Married men (15–29 & 30+ years)Township, Madina, Iftin6
Male championsTownship1
Key Informant Interviews (KIIs)Members of County Assembly (MCA)n/a2
Imams/ SheikhTownship, Madina, Iftin3
Clan leadersTownship, Madina, Iftin4
Health ManagersSIMAHO, Madina, Iftin health facilities3
Total  29