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Table 6 Clinical information and outcomes in newborn infants needing resuscitation at birth where monitoring had not identified any FHR changes

From: Monitoring intrapartum fetal heart rates by mothers in labour in two public hospitals: an initiative to improve maternal and neonatal healthcare in Liberia

Maternal age (years)ParityChange in FHR identifiedDeliveryApgar scores at 1 and 5 min; Wt. of babyResuscitation givenMaternal comment
18–28G2P1None. Monitored only every 30 min immediately following 14 contractionsPreterm labour and normal vaginal delivery5 and 7 depressed at birth
1.8 Kg
Neonatal clinician called, resuscitated with bag and mask for 12 min and taken to neonatal ward
Mother said the monitoring help her with her baby, she got a live baby. She was willing and cooperative and ask other mothers to accept the monitoring
Monitored only every 30 min immediately following 13 contractions
Normal vaginal delivery5 and 10 depressed at birth
Neonatal clinician was called, did 10–15 min bag and mask ventilation. Oxygen saturation 54%. Admitted NNU. No HIE and went home aged 7 daysAccording to mother the monitoring is good, it help her deliver her baby live. She was interested in doing it
18–28G2P1None. Monitored only every 30 min immediately following 11 contractionsNormal vaginal delivery7 and 10
2.8 Kg
Bag and mask ventilation used for 5 min and then recovered. No HIEAppreciated the listening to her baby until birth. She recommended that all labouring mothers should be able to listen to their fetus during labour
29–39G2P1No abnormality detected following 12 contractionsVacuum delivery unable to push5 and 8
Resuscitated by bag and mask for 10 min. Admitted NNU and given 7 days antibiotics. No HIE.It help because with all the pain I refused to listen to them. I still got my baby by talking to me good. I found it very good because it help me in getting my baby. No problem.
18–28G2P1No abnormality detected following 15 contractionsNormal vaginal delivery2 and 0
1.3 Kg
34 weeks’ gestation
Resuscitated by bag and mask ventilation plus chest compressions for 25 min. But then died.I like the monitoring. I enjoy listening to my baby even though he didn’t survive
17 and belowG1P0No abnormality detected following 58 contractionsNormal vaginal delivery episiotomy for baby stuck at perineum5 and 7
Resuscitated by bag and mask ventilation by neonatal clinician for 8 min then improved and discharged. No HIE.I see the monitoring good for me and my baby because it my make me to know that my baby is still living. 9th grade student
18–28G2P1No abnormality detected following 42 contractionsVacuum delivery for poor maternal effort6 and 8
3.1 Kg
Bag and mask resuscitation for 7 min. Baby was admitted to the NNU for observation.
No HIE but had malaria and was treated for 10 days and then discharged well.
OC was contacted during labour. OC/MW took over monitoring: patient says she can’t continue due to the pain. The contractions is too frequent and strong.
I like the monitoring. It make me born a living baby but it is hard to do. It is hard to be in pain and holding the machine.
18–28G1P0No abnormality detected following 12 contractionsVacuum for exhaustion: couldn’t push7 and 8
3.3 Kg
Bag and mask resuscitation one-two breaths only before baby breathed. Not admitted to NNU.I find it good. It help me because my baby is alive. No problem with it.
  1. Abbreviations are defined in the list given earlier in the manuscript