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Table 3 Selected maternal comments from participants from CB Dunbar and CH Rennie Hospitals

From: Monitoring intrapartum fetal heart rates by mothers in labour in two public hospitals: an initiative to improve maternal and neonatal healthcare in Liberia

Age group (years)Comment
N/AThe monitoring was fine, it gave me courage to go through my pain knowing my baby was fine
N/AMother express her interest in measuring her baby FHR. She further stated due to the exercise she will always come to NAME OF HOSPITAL for maternity care during pregnancy
N/AI felt that I am important when you told me to be a part of my baby monitoring process. It helps me a lot
29–39The monitoring was good. It help even us that cannot read or write listen to our own baby
N/AI thank God for the programme I am happy to hear my baby heart-beat. Please continue it
29–39The monitoring was good, it helps me give the power to push my baby
18–28Listening to my baby heart sound was very helpful to me. I felt that my right was respected as I took in my baby monitoring. Thanks for this program. I am happy.
18–28I am happy to hear my baby heart. I knew that I was carrying a live baby in my womb.
17 and belowThank you for this. It help me but I was in pain and so it make me angry first but I overcome it later
29–39Getting involved in the process is something amazing to me. I felt part of my care and thank God that I have a live baby.
18–28I feel important in the coming of my baby. This modern method is very important it help a lot thank you
18–28I like it so much doctor that real good thing the government put in place here. I will tell all my sisters that pregnant to come to the hospital
29–39According to mum it is a good step to do because it helps you to notice danger sooner.
N/AMother felt comfortable using this method. She told me that she will encourage her friends, who have not been seeking care at NAME OF HOSPITAL, because of the fetal monitoring The only problem was locating the FHT on her abdomen
18–28I felt good listening to my baby it helped me to learn a new thing
18–28According to mum, this is the first time seeing patient to be working for herself. She said it is a good thing to do but when in labour is bad because of the pain.
18–28Patient said she’s very happy because she seen baby breathing well and she herself okay. According to patient any time she pregnant she will come and give birth to NAME OF HOSPITAL.
29–39According to mum, she love the procedure but is not easy to go through.
29–39According to mum, she love the idea because other pregnant women goes to the hospital and comes back with no baby in their hands it looks sorryfull.
29–39Patient is educated. Getting involved in the process is something amazing to me. I felt part of my care and thank God that I have a live baby
17 and belowPatient admitted that it was good thing for herself to listen to her baby heart-beat. It made her believe that her baby can breathe inside her mother’s womb.
18–28Thank you so much for your patience but at least I able to hear my baby. My last belly I don’t see someone doing it for me
18–28According to patient she was surprised to know that baby heart can beat in the mother stomach and it help her to know about her baby wellbeing.
18–28I appreciate hearing my baby until I born my baby. I like to have the same chance to listen to my unborn baby the next time I am in labour
29–39I enjoy listening to my baby but my next labour there should be pain medicine for labour
N/AThe monitoring was alright for me. It help me to put more effort for my baby. To know that my baby is still living in my stomach.
29–39It is hard to be in pain and monitor your baby. You must be doing it for us. Thank God my baby is living but it is too hard. The machine can cause more pain on the stomach.
29–39It help me because it did not allow me to go to surgery. It help me because my baby was born alive and by normal vaginal delivery. It help me so much even though is more difficult to do but I try doing to have got good result. (vaginal breech delivery).
18–28It is very good and helpful to me. At least all “big belays” should know how to do the monitoring before the stomach can hurt.
29–39I like the monitoring it make my baby live. No problem with the monitoring. It only hard to hold the machine when your stomach hurting.
18–28The monitoring was good make me feel close to my baby
17 and belowPatient said while doing she felt bad but after she gave birth she felt fine because it helps you to know the danger sign and good sign about your baby
29–39I appreciate the process of monitoring my baby until I born. It was good for me because I stay long in labour but I was still hearing my baby which made me happier
N/AThe monitoring was alright for me. It help me to put more effort for my baby. To know that my baby is still living in my stomach.
18–28Thank you very much the monitoring help me to know that I was carrying a baby whose heart was beating. It was my first time to know
17 and belowThe monitoring help me to know that my babies are two in my stomach. I tell the programme thank you for coming to us
  1. Additional maternal comments are reported in Tables 4, 5 and 6 below and in the Additional File 2. Abbreviations are defined in the list given earlier in the manuscript