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Table 5 Synthesis of perceptions of barriers for accessing maternal health services

From: “Midwives do not appreciate pregnant women who come to the maternity with torn and dirty clothing”: institutional delivery and postnatal care in Torit County, South Sudan: a mixed method study

Types of barriers

Empirical data

Socio cultural factors

- Policy makers, health providers: Desire to deliver at home (privacy), prefer going to traditional healers, TBA

- NGO staff: women lack time, too many responsibilities

- Communities: No social cultural factors were raised

Perceived needs and benefits

- Policy makers, NGO staff: lack of health knowledge on the importance of delivering in a health facility

- Communities: Perceived poor quality of care (poor attitude, discrimination based on social economic status, lack of skilled health care providers, lack of drugs)

Economic accessibility

- Communities: Inability to pay for drugs, sweets, soaps and new clothing

Physical accessibility

- All categories of participants: distance, insecurity, poor roads, lack of means of transport