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Table 5 Logistic regression and linear regression summary of independent variables associated with knowledge domains

From: Changes in perceived knowledge about childbirth among pregnant women participating in the Senses of Birth intervention in Brazil: a cross-sectional study

 EBP Knowledge DomainNormal Birth Knowledge DomainCesarean Knowledge Domain
Total N = 940Total N = 944Total N = 938
CharacteristicsLogistic RegressionLinear RegressionLogistic RegressionLinear RegressionLogistic RegressionLinear Regression
 19–34 years–♦
  ≥ 35 yearsReferenceReferenceReference
  ≤ 12 years**^*^^
  > 12 yearsReferenceReferenceReference
  < 2 MW^*****^
 2 to < 5 MW^********
 5 to < 10 MW******
  ≥ 10 MWReferenceReferenceReference
 Black and Others^*
First Pregnancy
Private Health Insurance
Prenatal Care Coverage
 SUS (Public)ReferenceReferenceReference
Pregnancy Trimester at the time of the intervention
 1st or 2nd********
  1. ^P value ≤0.1; *P value ≤0.05; **P value ≤0.001; ♦ P value ≥0.1