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Table 1 Socio-demographic and maternal characteristics of women (UDHS 2016)

From: Determinants of early postnatal care attendance: analysis of the 2016 Uganda demographic and health survey

CharacteristicFrequency (n = 5471)Percent (%)
PNC utilization
 Within 2 days271149.5
 Not within 2 days276050.5
Mothers age (mean age) years27 
Highest level of education
 Secondary or higher153428.0
Wealth status
Marital status
 Not working101918.6
 Professional employment195435.7
 Agriculture-related employment249445.6
ANC attendance
 4 or more visits325759.5
 Less than 4 visits221440.5
Place of delivery
 Public facility322258.9
 Private facility86015.7
Size of baby
Birth order
 Second or third188034.4
 Fourth or fifth120922.1
 Sixth or more120021.9
Perceived difficulty of distance to health facility
 Not a problem319258.3
Access to media messages