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Table 1 Selection criteria and responsibilities of CHWs

From: Increasing utilisation of perinatal services: estimating the impact of community health worker program in Neno, Malawi

CHW selection criteriaResponsibilities of CHWs
CHW would be
• female; some exceptions will be made for men who fulfil the rest of the criteria
• between 25 to 49 years of age; some exceptions will be made for those below 60 years of age who are capable of escorting community members to the health facility
• dedicated and very committed to their work
• able to read and write
• honest and truthful
• living within the same village or community
• willing to work as a volunteer
• well-behaved, accepted and trusted by the community
• trusted to keep patient information in confidence at all times
• non-drinker and non-smoker
• clean at all times
• role model in the village
• Priority will be given to women who are a part of the maternal and child health support groups
• Conduct monthly visits to all assigned households to identify pregnant women as early as possible, educate women about the importance of starting ANC, tuberculosis,sexually transmitted infection, HIV, family planning, and malnutrition
• Escort pregnant women and new mothers to the health facility for initial and all ANC visits, labour and delivery, two postnatal care visits and all emergency visits
• During monthly household visits, follow-up with pregnant women and their partners to provide education, making of birth plans and screening for malnutrition
• Conduct follow-up visits with mothers and their newborns to Educate about exclusive breastfeeding, Post care visits, and FP options and monitor danger signs in both mother and their infants
• Visit HIV and TB patients daily to ensure patient adherence and monitor for danger signs
• Visit pre-Antiretroviral patients weekly to ensure they are adhering to their medication and provide education
• Escort Tuberculosis and HIV patients for all scheduled appointments and emergency visits.
  1. A) CHW selection criteria for healthy mothers, healthy communities project in Neno, Malawi B) CHW responsibilities in their assigned catchment areas
  2. CHW Community health workers