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Table 5 Characteristics and breastfeeding rates of the focus group participants in Phase 2 (n = 33)

From: Breastfeeding practices 2008–2009 among Chinese mothers living in Ireland: a mixed methods study

CharacteristicsMean ± SD or n (%)
Maternal current age (years)35.1 ± 6.82
Mother’s length of Irish residency (years)8.5 ± 4.50
Mother’s birthplace
 Liaoning province (located in northern China)8 (24.2)
 Fujian province (located in southern China)10 (30.3)
 Other provinces6 (18.2)
 Hong Kong9 (27.3)
Marital status
 Married31 (93.9)
 Single2 (6.1)
Maternal education level
 Primary school1 (3.0)
 Secondary school10 (30.3)
 Training school16 (48.5)
 Third level6 (18.2)
Maternal current occupation
 Housewife18 (54.5)
 Non-professional jobs15 (45.5)
Maternal delivery placea
 Ireland19 (57.6)
 Ireland and China14 (42.4)
Has mother ever breastfed?
 Yes25 (75.8)
 No8 (24.2)
  1. aInformation about countries where mother had given birth to all her children (i.e. the index child plus other children)