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Table 1 Interview guide questions

From: Exploring womens’ experiences and decision making about physical activity during pregnancy and following birth: a qualitative study

TopicQuestions and prompts
About you
 Q. Could you tell me about your current pregnancy status and tell me a bit about how your pregnancy has been so far?
Prompt: What stage are you at in your pregnancy/ post pregnancy?
Q. How would you describe your PA levels?
Prompt: What did you expect your PA levels to be like once you got pregnant?
Prompt: Did your PA change between trimesters?
Views on PA during pregnancy
 Q. What are your thoughts on PA during pregnancy?
Prompt: Do you think it is safe/ risky?
Costs and benefits of PA
 Q. What are your views of the costs and benefits of doing PA whilst pregnant?
Prompt: Do you feel the costs outweigh the benefits/ benefits outweigh the costs?
Sources of information
 Q. Could you tell me about where you have got most of your information from concerning PA whilst pregnant?
Prompt: What sort of advice was this?
Prompt: How did it make you feel about PA during pregnancy?