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Table 5 Cronbach’s α coefficient for the Postpartum Depression Literacy Scale (PoDLiS) and its attributes

From: The postpartum depression literacy scale (PoDLiS): development and psychometric properties

AttributesNumber of itemsM (SD)Possible rangeCronbach’s α coefficient (n = 692)
Ability to recognize postpartum depression63.68 (0.75)1–5.77
Knowledge of risk factors and causes53.69 (0.77)1–5.76
Knowledge and beliefs of self-care activities54.50 (0.56)1–5.78
Knowledge about professional help available24.10 (0.91)1–5.83
Beliefs about professional help available22.53 (1.08)1–5.78
Attitudes which facilitate recognition of postpartum depression and appropriate help-seeking63.77 (0.78)1–5.70
Knowledge of how to seek information related to postpartum depression53.71 (0.77)1–5.73
Total scale313.79 (0.39)1–5.78