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Table 3 Percentage distribution of knowledge of mothers on maternal care attributes (n = 250)

From: Knowledge on postnatal care among postpartum mothers during discharge in maternity hospitals in Asmara: a cross-sectional study

Maternal care attributesFrequencyPercentage
Where to go after danger signs
 Health facility24096.0
 Stay home or going to holy water104.0
Frequency of urination
 Empty every 2 h3521.6
 I felt to urinate12074.1
 I don’t know74.3
Return to sexual activity
 After 42 days11445.6
 After 3 months7429.6
 After 6 months3012.0
 After 1 year156.0
 I don’t know176.8
Delaying of period by exclusive breast feeding
 3 Months3012.0
 6 Months6626.4
 1 Year5722.8
 2 Years4417.6
 More than two years5321.1
Contraceptive method
 Oral contraceptive pills22791.5
 Intrauterine device13353.6
 Lactational amenorrhea4216.9
 Condom, Norplant or Calendar method11646.8