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Table 4 Multivariable analysis of the factors associated with neonatal near-miss cases in the conditional logistic regression model in selected hospitals of Gamo Gofa Zones, Southern Ethiopia, 2018/9

From: Factors associated with neonatal near-miss in selected hospitals of Gamo and Gofa zones, southern Ethiopia: nested case-control study

VariablesAdjusted OR(95%CI)P-value
Educational status of the mother
 Primary (1–8)1.89 (0.53,6.76)0.33
 Secondary (9–12)1.32 (0.43,4.08)0.63
 College and above1.19 (0.34,4.23)0.79
Educational status of the father
 Primary (1–8)0.42 (0.13,1.44)0.17
 Secondary (9–12)0.96 (0.33,2.78)0.95
 College and above0.79 (0.26,2.41)0.69
Place residence
 Urban0.73 (0.35,1.54)0.41
 Multipara3.81 (1.72,8.42)*0.001
Antenatal care
 Yes0.02 (0.01,0.05)*< 0.0001
 Yes0.56 (0.10,3.09)0.51
Premature rupture of membrane
 Yes3.40 (1.53,7.55)*0.003
Hypertensive disorder during pregnancy
 Yes1.08 (0.34,3.45)0.89
 Non-vertex©2.83 (1.44,5.58)*0.003
Mode of delivery
 Cesarean4.89 (2.34,10.24)*< 0.0001
  1. ©breech, transverse, face and brow presentation, and *significant at P < 0.05.