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Table 1 Overview of included studies

From: Men’s grief following pregnancy loss and neonatal loss: a systematic review and emerging theoretical model

 Quantitative (n = 19)Qualitative (n = 26)Mixed Methods (n = 1)Total (n = 46)
Year of publication
Region of study
 United Kingdom336
 United States and Canada813122
 The Middle East11
Informant group
 Men and women1512128
 Men and service providers11
 Men, women and service providers11
Total study sample sizea
 10 or under1910
Number of male participants
 10 or under11819
 Loss type    
 Recurrent miscarriage (3+)112
 Neonatal death
 Medical termination for nonviable anomaly112
 Combination (pregnancy and neonatal losses)7815
Primary outcome focus
  1. aNumbers only report the number of participants who experienced a pregnancy loss or neonatal loss