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Table 2 Overarching Themes, Priority Research Topics by Rank and Example Priority Potential Research Questions

From: Research priorities of women at risk for preterm birth: findings and a call to action

Overarching ThemePriority Research Topics (Rank Importance Across All Regions)Example Priority Potential Questions (Region)
Maternal Health and Care Before, During, and After Pregnancy• Medications, Procedures and Tests During Pregnancy [1]
• Mother’s Health Before and During Pregnancy [3]
• Care Provision During Pregnancy and Birth [4]
• Care After Birth [5]
• Decision Making During Pregnancy [11]
• Preconception, Contraception and Sexuality [12]
• Mental Health Support [13]
• Maternal Nutrition [15]
Why don’t we have alternative options for support during delivery? (For example, doula, midwife) (Oakland)
Newborn Health and Care of the Preterm Baby• Newborn Health and Problems Related to Prematurity [6]
• Infant Nutrition, Feeding and Medications [14]
Is it harmful to babies to be separated from mom (family) even if they are sick? (Fresno)
Understanding Stress and Interventions to Prevent or Reduce Stress• Stress and the Benefits of Social Support [2]
• Education and Empowerment of Birthing Women [7]
• Support for Fathers During and After Pregnancy [16]
• The Impact of Men on Pregnancy Outcomes [17]
• Role of Family and Friends in Caring for Families [19]
Why aren’t there more widely available education materials or videos, etc. to help women recognize their own stress? (Fresno)
Research to Address Interpersonal and Structural Health Inequities• Health Care Providers [6]
• Communication and Cultural Sensitivity [8]
• Hospital and Health System Practices [9]
• Workplace and Insurance Issues [10]
• Innovations in Care Models [18]
• Pharmaceutical Company Involvement in Birth [20]
What are the most effective ways to improve patient-provider communication, particularly when patients perceive insensitive and rude comments from health care workers? (San Francisco)
  1. For further details by group and region, refer to Appendices 1–2 and website: