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Table 3 Type of suture and effects on pain score and sexual activity (continuous variables)

From: Continuous versus discontinuous suture in perineal injuries produced during delivery in primiparous women: a randomized controlled trial

VariablesUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysisa
 Continuous suture m (SEM)bInterrupted suture m (sem)p valueContinuous suture m (SEM)Interrupted suture m (SEM)p value
Perineal pain at 2 h post delivery1.7 (0.3)2.3 (0.3).1421.7 (0.3)2.3 (0.3)0.208
Perineal pain at 24 h post delivery3.5 (0.3)4.4 (0.2)0.0093.4 (0.3)4.4 (0.3)0.011
Perineal pain at 15 days post delivery0.8 (0.2)1.9 (0.3)0.0010.8 (0.2)1.9 (0.2)0.001
Perineal pain at 3 months0.2 (0.1)0.7 (0.2)0.0340.2 (0.2)0.7 (0.2)0.030
Days till sexual activity c41.8 (2.4)48.1 (2.3)0.06041.8 (2.4)48.1 (2.5)0.072
Days till first intercourse46.1 (2.2)50.8 (2.2)0.13746.2 (2.2)50.8 (2.3)0.168
  1. a Variables adjusted in the multivariate analysis: civil status and attendance during pregnancy to an education course on pregnancy, delivery and newborn care
  2. b m (Mean): SEM (standard error of the mean)
  3. c Sexual activity: refers to caresses, sex games, masturbation and sexual intercourse