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Table 2 Pregnancy and nutrition related characteristics of the study participants in Dessie town, northeastern Ethiopia, 2017 G.C, (N = 604)

From: Factors associated with dietary practice and nutritional status of pregnant women in Dessie town, northeastern Ethiopia: a community-based cross-sectional study

Stage of pregnancy
 First trimester13121.7
 Second trimester12520.7
 Third trimester34857.6
Have sources of nutrition information
Attend antenatal care
Take iron folic acid supplementation
Reasons for not taking iron/folic acid supplement
 Bad taste6210.3
 Ill complications274.5
 May harm child254.1
 Don’t know iron/folic acid supplements274.5
 Other reasons277.5
Frequency of iron/folic acid supplement intake
Have good nutrition knowledge
Practice good hygiene and sanitation
Sick in past 2 weeks prior to date of survey