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Table 1 Socio-demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the pregnant women in Dessie town, northeastern Ethiopia, 2017 G.C, (N = 604)

From: Factors associated with dietary practice and nutritional status of pregnant women in Dessie town, northeastern Ethiopia: a community-based cross-sectional study

Age of participants
 < 25 yearsa18230.1
 26–35 years26443.7
 > 35 years15826.2
Marital status
Head of house hold
Educational status of the participants
 No formal education18230.1
 Some education42269.9
Family income
 < 600ETB18330.3
 > 1500ETB19732.6
Cash decision maker
 Father alone18831.1
 Mother alone13422.2
 Father and mother28246.7
Family size
 ≤ 4 person37962.7
 > 4 person22537.3
Household facilities
 No radio/television8614.2
Occupation of the head of household
 Not employed14824.5
 Government employed18230.1
 Pretty trader8914.7
  1. aThe study did not include women below 18 years old since it is difficult to take consent from under 18 years; ** = non-governmental organization employed and students