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Table 3 Birth outcomes by study group

From: Maternal nutritional adequacy and gestational weight gain and their associations with birth outcomes among Vietnamese women

N = 113
N = 113
Gestational age, mean (SD)39.1 (1.3)39.1 (1.6)0.8026a
Delivery method, n (%)
 Caesarean35 (31.5)30 (27.3)0.4872
Infant’s sex, n (%)  0.9503b
 Male60 (54.1)59 (53.6) 
 Female51 (46.0)51 (46.4) 
Birth weight (g), mean (SD)3153 (347)3044 (385)0.0346a
Birth length (cm), mean (SD)49.0 (1.7)48.7 (2.2)0.5195a
Head circumference (cm), mean (SD)33.1 (1.3)32.7(1.6)0.1204a
  1. ap-value is from Wilcoxon test, bp-value is from T-test