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Table 4 Multivariate logistic regression for the association of social determinants with the mode of delivery in urban area

From: Social determinants of delivery mode in Jiangsu, China

VariablesOdds Ratio(95%CI)P value
Maternal age at delivery (ref = 34 and below)1.491(0.661–3.362)0.336
Region (ref = South)
Household income per capital (ref = Income level 1)
 Income level 21.282(0.665–2.471)0.458
 Income level 30.940(0.480–1.841)0.857
 Income level 40.981(0.440–2.187)0.963
Mother’s education (ref = < College)
 College and above1.305(0.820–2.078)0.262
Health insurance (ref = YES)
Children ever born (ref = 0)0.702(0.371–1.327)0.276
Number of Prenatal care (ref = 5 or below)1.441(0.676–3.074)0.344
Delivery institution (ref = Primary institution)0.557(0.268–1.159)0.117