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Table 3 Multivariate logistic regression for the association of social determinants with the mode of delivery in rural area

From: Social determinants of delivery mode in Jiangsu, China

VariablesOdds Ratio(95%CI)P value
Maternal age at delivery (ref = 34 or below)0.936(0.600–1.460)0.770
Region (ref = South Jiangsu)
 Middle Jiangsu1.121(0.765–1.643)0.558
 North Jiangsu0.762(0.523–1.111)0.158
Household income per capital (ref = Income level 1)
 Income level 21.034(0.721–1.483)0.855
 Income level 31.618(1.058–2.473)0.026
 Income level 42.582(1.277–5.221)0.008
Mother’s education (ref = No formal education)
 College and above0.799(0.339–1.881)0.607
Health insurance (ref = None)
Children ever born (ref = 0)1.233(0.895–1.700)0.200
Number of Prenatal care (ref = 5 or below)1.381(0.972–1.963)0.071
Delivery institution (ref = Primary institution)1.174(0.878–1.570)0.279
  1. UEBMI Urban Employee Basic Medical Insurance, URBMI Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance, URCMI Urban and Rural Residents Cooperative Medical Insurance, NCMS New Cooperative Medical Scheme, CMI Commercial Medical Insurance